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Steamboat Ski Area update


The new promenade at the resort base is just one of many improvements at Steamboat Ski Area. Photo by Larry Pierce

With gondola upgrades, restaurant improvements, additional biking trails, a new mountain coaster and mini-golf course at the base and more, Steamboat Ski Area continues to up its game for its year-round guests. Following are a few improvements you’ll see this season:

Gondola upgrades: Steamboat lift crews worked with Doppelmayr on major renovations within the gondola terminals in summer 2017, installing new grips, hangers, terminal equipment, improvements to the departure and arrival bays, and more.

Elkhead Chairlift

A new Doppelmayr high-speed, detachable quad chairlift replaced the current Elkhead fixed-grip chairlift in Priest Creek in 2017, reducing the ride time by more than half (new ride time: three minutes). The increased speed lessens lines at the popular egress lift, especially at lunchtime and the end of the day.

Mountain Activities

Outlaw Mountain Coaster

Steamboat has installed the new Outlaw Mountain Coaster at the resort base, which descends 400 vertical feet with a riding length of more than 3,500 linear feet. The track rises between 4 and 40 feet above the ground with dips, waves, turns and 360-degree circles. The gravity-driven sleds run on a tubular stainless-steel rail system, with a state-of-the-art braking system controlling the sled’s speed.

Maverick Mini Golf

Fore! An 18-hole mini-golf course debuted at the resort base in 2017, near the base of the Christie Peak Express and Preview chairlifts. The course incorporates local landmarks, such as the iconic Steamboat Barn, Fish Creek Falls, Nordic ski jumps and Rabbit Ears, with the layout featuring different terraced levels with landscaping.

New Marmot Store: The resort has partnered with apparel maker Marmot on a new 1,800-square-foot concept store the corner of 7th Street and Lincoln Avenue downtown. The store will focus on Marmot outerwear, apparel and accessories.

Grooming/snowmaking: Even with 352 inches of annual snowfall, Steamboat continues to upgrade its grooming and snowmaking operations. Two new, 12-ton Prinoth Beasts have joined Steamboat’s grooming fleet, providing 40 percent better performance than other groomers. The resort’s 21-machine grooming fleet re-surfaces 600 acres nightly. Over the past eight seasons, the resort has also installed 20 miles of snowmaking piping, as well as new pumps and motors to enhance efficiency.






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