Guide for relocation to Steamboat Springs, CO


While Steamboat’s entrepreneurial spirit is exploding, one company is setting its sights on products built for combustion. TALON Grips targets law enforcement officers and other gun users desiring enhanced grip for their firearms. President Mike Morris runs the company with his wife, Gillian, progressing from a basement operation in 2012 to now having five employees with 75 U.S. retailers and three international distributors. Offering 126 gun model grips in two textures, business is, well, booming. “We never could have imagined it would grow so quickly,” says Morris, whose company is expanding into iPhone grips, as well. “Steamboat’s a great place to be based. We’d rather live in the mountains and visit the city, and have a few hours of outdoor recreation every day, than live in the city and use our vacation to do these things. The mountain lifestyle and community are hard to beat.”

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