Guide for relocation to Steamboat Springs, CO

Location-Neutral Business

Founded in 2009 as a community think tank for entrepreneurs and location-neutral workers to better their businesses, Ignite Steamboat grew out of a collective need for like-minded entrepreneurs in town to have a place to share and support one another. The group now has 348 members.

“More people are aligning themselves with an entrepreneurial or location-neutral ethos,” founder Jay O’Hare says. “The profile of both is on the rise here, and they continue to make up a growing chunk of the economic pie. There’s true value in spreading ideas and connecting people.”

Ignite hosts quarterly events and presentations called Spark Talks that bring business minds into Steamboat to share ideas. Recent presenters include James Altucher, author of “Choose Yourself,” Jenn Lim, chief executive officer of Delivering Happiness, and Jason Calacanis, formerly of It also fields inquiries from entrepreneurs looking to relocate and other communities looking to replicate what it has done here.

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