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Local Government: Fast Facts

Local Government

Fast Facts

  • Steamboat Springs is governed by an elected, seven-member city council that appoints a city manager.
  • Steamboat’s volunteer boards include a planning commission, board of adjustment, historic preservation and parks and recreation commission.
  • Steamboat primarily generates revenue through sales, use and lodging taxes.
  • Routt County encompasses 2,331 square miles or 1,491,840 acres of land. More than 735,000 acres (47 percent) are publicly owned, and most of that public land is in Routt National Forest.
  • An elected three-member board of county commissioners with staggered four-year terms governs Routt County. Volunteers are appointed for the planning commission, board of adjustment, purchase of development rights citizen board, airport advisory board, right to farm and ranch mediation board and fair board.
  • Routt County raises money from property, use and sales taxes, in addition to various state and federal sources. County services include law enforcement and jail, planning, building inspection, environmental health, road and bridge, clerk and recorder, motor vehicle, treasurer, assessor, agricultural extension office, county and district courts, regional airport, multi-agency emergency communications center, coroner, district attorney and health and human services.
  • Steamboat is the county seat and the largest community in Routt County. The three other incorporated municipalities in the county are Hayden (pop. 2,648; 22 miles west), Oak Creek (pop. 3,244; 23 miles south) and Yampa (pop.799; 30 miles south).
  • Routt County’s unincorporated communities include Clark and Hahn’s Peak to the north; Milner to the west; and Stagecoach, Phippsburg and Toponas to the south.

    City Council members chipping in on a local town improvement project.

    City Council members chipping in on a local town improvement project.

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