Guide for relocation to Steamboat Springs, CO


Growth data — based on the academic progress of students — shows local students exceeding the typical mark of 50 in all three content areas of math, reading and writing. The district considers the growth statistic as one of the most important indicators of student success as it demonstrates how students are progressing as they move through grade levels. “The results continue to demonstrate the high quality of education that the students in our district receive,” says Lamansky.

CMC: A college in the mountains

Education_Building-FinalWith a slew of recent improvements and new programming, as well as fall 2015 enrollment up 3.4 percent from the preceding year, Colorado Mountain College, which has a residential campus in Steamboat Springs, is quietly becoming one of the top mountain colleges in the Rockies. At the Steamboat campus alone, enrollment was up 7.6 percent compared to last year.

“Everything we’ve done makes our campus more collegiate,” says Steamboat Springs dean of student affairs Brian Hoza. “It augments what we can do for our students and the community.”

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