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5 Minutes With…Smartwool President Travis Campbell

5 Minutes With…Smartwool President Travis Campbell

When Smartwool’s new president, Travis Campbell, 45, found out he was moving to Steamboat Springs in summer 2017 to head the industry’s leading merino wool apparel brand, like any new arrival he started doing some research. We caught up with him for his take on moving to Steamboat with his wife, Jenny, and children Samantha, 13, and Cole.

 Move To: What were some of the first things you looked into when considering moving to Steamboat?

Campbell: Because we have middle-school aged kids, the first thing we looked into was the quality of the school system. After that we tried to dig into what it was like to live in Steamboat as a local rather than a tourist. My wife and I had visited Steamboat a number of times over the last 20 years so we felt like we had a decent understanding of the town from a tourist’s viewpoint.

Move To: What do you like about the town?

Campbell:  We received glowing reviews on the school system and I joke that all the locals we met must have worked for the Chamber because they couldn’t have been any more enthusiastic about living here. The unique thing about Steamboat is you have this incredible access to outdoor activities, all the amenities of a resort town, a healthy business sector outside of the resort, and a really vibrant and engaged local community. It’s truly an amazing combination for a small, remote town.

Move To: Why is Steamboat so alluring to location-neutral workers?

Campbell: Steamboat is a small town, but with a really vibrant local business community, great access to the outdoors, and decent connectivity to the broader world. Our Internet access is good, cell phone coverage isn’t bad (compared to where I came from) and, at least in the winter, our flight connectivity is pretty good out of Hayden.

Move To: Why is Steamboat a great town to base Smartwool? 

Campbell: Smartwool’s core customer lives what we call an “active mountain life.” That means they love the snow and the rivers and the trails and generally prefer a life lived outdoors rather than indoors. I think a company is strongest when the employee base’s values mirror those of our customers; being based in Steamboat allows our employees easy access to do just that. It helps us build better products and better connect with our customers. I also believe that happy employees lead to happy customers — and Steamboat is a great place to live if you love the outdoors.




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