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4 local companies earn outdoor magazine’s ‘best places to work’ list

4 local companies earn outdoor  magazine’s ‘best places to work’ list

If Steamboat Springs is a great place to live, it’s also not too shabby of a place to work. Want proof? In Outside Magazine’s most recent annual compilation of best places in the country to work, four local outdoor companies were included in the list.

Local tent and sleeping bag manufacturer Big Agnes was listed at No. 99; its sister company Honey Stinger — a maker of honey-based energy bars, gels, chews and waffles — was listed at No. 72; apparel maker SmartWool came in at No. 86; and BOA Technology, a maker of cable-lacing systems for everything from footwear to the medical market, came in the highest at No. 33.

For SmartWool, it was the company’s sixth straight inclusion in the list.

“Being named to this list six years in a row is an amazing honor,” SmartWool President Mark Satkiewicz says. “It celebrates companies that promote an active work-life balance and reflects our incredible employee base that’s empowered to create a rewarding workplace.”

SmartWool awards activity passes to its nearly 80 local employees and encourages them to take part in such “product-testing” outings as bikes rides, ski days and weekend overnighters. It also offers preseason bike tuneups for employees, organizes group employee rides and offers incentives to bike commuters. It also provides up to 40 hours of paid time off per year for nonprofit volunteerism. (Last year, its employees accumulated more than 1,500 hours of such volunteer time.)

Boa Technology, founded by Steamboat resident Gary Hammerslag, earned inclusion for, among other things, encouraging employees to take lunchtime bicycle rides or walks. It even has six employee showers for employees to use afterward. Other workplace perks include an annual $500 health and wellness bonus applicable to gym memberships, ski passes and race entries.

Big Agnes and Honey Stinger offer similar perks for their employees, including weekly bike rides and annual backpacking and mountain climbing trips.

Created through a yearlong evaluation process consisting of confidential employee surveys regarding job satisfaction, benefits, compensation, community outreach programs and environmental policies, the list recognizes companies that foster a positive work-life balance, encourage an active lifestyle and give back to their local communities.

— Eugene Buchanan

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